Logs of Pine

What cruel Grand Design

with simple logs of pine

could give to the divine

sacrifice of life for mine

a life so full of sinful crime

yet now saved for all of time

by the suffering of David’s line

and blood that once turned water into wine?

I will serve him and so shine

the light of Christ and the divine

to show the world, saved for all of time

what work was done with logs of pine.


About The Lost Poet

I write because I find inspiration. It is my hope that through my writing some connections may be felt. Everything I write comes from my experiences with life, and with the people that I love. I try to remember to see myself in everyone, and everyone in myself.
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17 Responses to Logs of Pine

  1. bendedspoon says:

    nothing but praise for the poem and the Saviour! 🙂


  2. Jingle says:

    divine work from logs of pine,

    what a fun rhyming piece,
    welcome to poets rally, have fun.


  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    beautifully rhymed… loved the flow
    well expressed.

    Thursday Rally


  4. Ms. Queenly says:

    Very nice. The sentiment is felt. And I, too, must agree that rhyming is well thought out and timed.



  5. haggishead says:

    I really like this one 🙂 (the best I read this week till now)


  6. 43spiders says:

    That was rather nice…


  7. Vinay says:

    well expressed.. the sentiment reminds me of how we cremate the dead here.. on logs of firewood.. its sort of tradition I think..

    Here’s My Poetry For The Rally


  8. Neeraja says:

    Nicely written. Simple and so rhythmic. Keep writing!


  9. And the concluding lines are what I notice the most in a poem, and well written they are in your piece of poetry (:


  10. C Rose says:

    What a touching way to speak of the spirit in our living realm. Beautiful piece ~ Rose


  11. Kevin Lamb says:

    From your title “Lost Poet” I had a feeling you were one of the good ones… and I was right! Lovely words!


  12. belladonna23 says:

    nice way to tie the ending back to the beginning, and good constant tone


  13. anjuartwriter says:

    service to the divine-great poem


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