Dance Away

Snow softly falls on the cold winter ground,

and the year rolls on without making a sound.

Tears of goodbye make stains of regret,

but dance with us now.  You aren’t gone yet.

Dance away sorrows and worries that lie.

Dance away pain and hard times gone by.

Let’s dance away now off into the sky,

For as long as we dance, we needn’t cry.

Dance away to memories full of joy,

Dance away to that first Christmas toy.

Dance away to love that can’t be expressed,

except in those times when it’s put to the test.

Think not about the end of the song,

just move to the music and improv along.

Dance away with a fervor more intense than a fire,

Dance away smiling shining than the sun brighter.

Dance away all our fears and our tears with laughter,

and be remembered in our hearts,

dancing ever after.


About The Lost Poet

I write because I find inspiration. It is my hope that through my writing some connections may be felt. Everything I write comes from my experiences with life, and with the people that I love. I try to remember to see myself in everyone, and everyone in myself.
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