When dark of doubt

fades away the sun,

press on.  Press on.

When the tides rush in,

washing away your path,

press on.  Press on.

When storms surround

and threaten to drown,

press on.  Press on.

With the wings of eagles

soaring ‘neath your feet,

press on.  Press on.

When all the world

against you is brought to bear,

press hard.  Press on.

When alone and hurt

and exhausted of life,

press hard.  Press on.

When out from your heart

pours blood of pain and sadness,

press hard.  Press on.

Until life leaves you,

and you find eternal rest,

press on.  Press on.

Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily,

Life is but a journey.


About The Lost Poet

I write because I find inspiration. It is my hope that through my writing some connections may be felt. Everything I write comes from my experiences with life, and with the people that I love. I try to remember to see myself in everyone, and everyone in myself.
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