Divinely Touched

Fingerprints on the faces
Of everyone I come to meet
On their bodies and their souls
Tracks for the fingers
As footprints for the feet
All of that same finger
Which caused to be the light
Ever gentle ever strong
Ever painting vividly
Such humble divine might
And all of us by that digit
Divinely touched and inspired
All now kinsmen of that power
Sharing that most loving mark
Collectively our hatred must retire
And act with such devotion
As to serve by our example
Typifying values strong
Inspiring familial bonds
To change from mere sample
A population wayward bound
To remind of that loving print
Binding hearts and minds
Joining hands together
A bold new world to mint


About The Lost Poet

I write because I find inspiration. It is my hope that through my writing some connections may be felt. Everything I write comes from my experiences with life, and with the people that I love. I try to remember to see myself in everyone, and everyone in myself.
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