Cheerful Struggle

How do you smile on a cloudy day?

Can you laugh at the rain?
When feelings or bodies ache,
Will you still gaily play?
So hard to turn up the lips
When light has seemingly gone
And bleak out outlook then becomes
Until again the rays we kiss
Languishing in self-perpetuating woe
While the universe against us perceived
Defenestration  to our pitied minds
Forgetting all but crumbs of hope
Cheerfulness greatly to be wished
Lives only in the color of our glasses
The many insults and injuries we feel
Must be finally crossed off our list

About The Lost Poet

I write because I find inspiration. It is my hope that through my writing some connections may be felt. Everything I write comes from my experiences with life, and with the people that I love. I try to remember to see myself in everyone, and everyone in myself.
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