Catharsis Rising

Who am I?

What the hell is it I’m doing?

Full of vinegar and fire

Bitter to the taste and hot to touch

I just can’t explain the feelings rising

Can’t explain the need

I try to shout but I’m breathless

Try to stop and I spin

Downward out of control

Watch the fucking world burn

Who cares?

I’m juggling and I keep dropping a ball

Running, stumbling and trying not

to fall on my face

I’m gonna cross that finish line if it kills me

Even when I don’t know how

And all I’ve got is hope

It seems like too much

But I’ve never called it quits before

Not starting now

My mind is racing

Fists clenched and ready

I’m about to start erasing history

Doesn’t matter what’s past

The now and the future are all I’ve got

I never ever let myself miss

The shots that I take

This isn’t like me usually

I very rarely feel this mean

But damn if I just can’t feel ahead

And backing up’s not an option

So no, I’m not going to be eloquent

Fuck if you don’t like it, it’s how I work

I sleep but I don’t rest

Talk and I’m still stressed

Work and I can’t get anything done

I just need to get out

And tear up the wavelengths with my mind

Rhyme or not I’ve gotta find the time

I’m not stupid and I won’t destroy

Everything in my life I’ve been working toward

Not going to kill my joy

I’m just gonna write until my fingers die

Light my words on fire

Watch them fly

I’m spitting gasoline on embers

Setting ablaze my very soul

And I don’t stop even when I get burned

These damn lessons are just too fucking hard

To learn when I’m split five different ways

It’s not enough to be provider

Instead I’ve got to amaze

I know they think I’m super man

But my kryptonite’s inside me

Dark and damn don’t they know I can’t fly

Falling out of the sky from time to time

I’m not perfect and I’ve got to stop

Trying, perfectionism isn’t working

Time to change

I just need to shake the dissonance

Find the rhythm

My harmony’s fucked up beyond recognition

There is no plan

To get it back I’m gonna trial and error

Take my shots

I’m sorry if you’re disappointed

Then again perhaps I’m not

Perhaps I don’t care, won’t cry

You can walk away if you want

Just make sure you don’t look back

I’ve got momentum to carry me

So now I gotta fight to keep it

No more broken mornings

No more evening fights

Time to man up and just fucking do

What’s right

It’s cliché but it’s my stream

Of consciousness

Gotta write out the vinegar

Quench the flames

I’ve got security riding

On my shoulders


And already I start to feel better

Start to get ahead

Gotta put up or shut up

Till I’m dead


About The Lost Poet

I write because I find inspiration. It is my hope that through my writing some connections may be felt. Everything I write comes from my experiences with life, and with the people that I love. I try to remember to see myself in everyone, and everyone in myself.
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