Curiosity is Golden

New abilities every day

Explorations with every step

Orbs of burning sapphire bright

Shine into this curious life

Tastes which both delight and disgust

Mix with colorful associations

Turning my opinion round

How do so many greens abound?

Messy and full of that learning curve

Soon to be mastered

Learning always for learning’s sake

Golden and full of curiosity

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Brand New World

Every time they open
My eyes sparkle with delight
And I smile a wide toothless grin
At such marvelous new sights
Each day brings new adventures
Each week I grow more strong
Each month I learn surprises
Soon I’ll be moving right along
This new year is a start
Filled with hope anew
Endless possibilities
And love so boldly true

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Sleepless Love

Awake to hunger

Awake to cries

Awake to no surprise

Time immaterial

Time flying past

Time to break the fast

So little

So cute

So many wishes of mute

Much love

Much life

Much change without strife

Today an infant

Today so new

Today parents haven’t a clue

Tomorrow a child

Tomorrow a teen

Tomorrow years go by unseen

Getting the hang of it

Getting my feet

Getting finally some sleep

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Tummy Time

Skin to skin

Face to face

Rise and fall

Into place

Coo and sigh

Warm and safe

Closing eyes

Hearing sounds

Baboom Baboom

Beats Daddy’s heart

“Ahhh” and “Oooo”

Tummy Time

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Learning to smile

Cozy, Comfy, Wrapped

and Warm, all the World

Waiting to Explore

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Instant Fatherhood

Changed forever

My heart opened wide

Decades in an instant

Life flying by

At a loss for words

Lest less love be expressed

While she hungers for my affection

Preferred to sleep best

So happy

So healthy

So young

So new

So perfectly astounding

So perfect

My little golden princess

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I apologize I haven’t posted in a while, I have had some BIG changes happen in my life, the most significant of which is that yesterday I became a father!  I now have an adorable, happy, healthy baby girl, so I’m sure you can guess what my future poems will be about!

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Time Warp

Where did all those days go?
What do those ahead have in store?
Who am I tomorrow, different?
I love deeply with all of me
I laugh uproariously at the details
I fight because I cannot fail
Life has been a blast
The pace fun and fast
Now it all changes
In that mystical time warp
We call tomorrow

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Cheerful Struggle

How do you smile on a cloudy day?

Can you laugh at the rain?
When feelings or bodies ache,
Will you still gaily play?
So hard to turn up the lips
When light has seemingly gone
And bleak out outlook then becomes
Until again the rays we kiss
Languishing in self-perpetuating woe
While the universe against us perceived
Defenestration  to our pitied minds
Forgetting all but crumbs of hope
Cheerfulness greatly to be wished
Lives only in the color of our glasses
The many insults and injuries we feel
Must be finally crossed off our list
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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 18 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Brighter than the sun

Clearer than crystal

Incomparable beauty

Uplifting and bright

Gently kind

Compassionately helpful

Softly expressive

Telling of love

Your eyelight

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One and One

Kind to such a measure

As I could never comprehend

Let alone hope to measure up to

Especially considering how wonderful

Exceptionally amazing you are

All I ever wanted

Never dreaming of having

Dreaming endlessly about

Magically now appears

Ironically in signature style

Triumphant and loud

Chaotically orderly

Here for real in the now

Exceeding dreams and realities

Levitating the world in happiness

Love unconditional, and unending

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I don’t have to work

To say the sweet things

That make you blush

Because all I say

Every single word

Is just a reminder

Of the amazing caliber

That is your character

Of the strength of your heart

And of the love that you have

Everyday, Everywhere, Everyway

Just a reminder

To you, of you

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Even on a sunny day

With warmth and color

Laughter in the air

Especially on rainy days

Dark and gloomy

Wet and cold

Regardless of plans

Regardless of wants

Whatever choices that there be

I’d rather be there

Taking care of you

Making you feel better

Reading to you as  you sleep

Than have the time of my life

Without you

Because without you

It isn’t the time of my life at all

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At the Beach

The look in her eyes

Sprinting toward the water

Smiling ear to ear

Freshly five years old

Immune from pain and sorrow

Impatient to play in the waves

That look that I see

She deserves that always


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Absent Words

The plan falls through

The road gets rough

Obstacles at every turn

Life’s unpredictable chaos

Like a hurricane blows our course

Deep into uncharted territory

But with you here beside

The flame in my heart

Guiding solely grows fiercer

For what the world may bring

Matters not as I hold your hand

Because what I feel, what you are

What we have become

There are only absent words

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First Day

Attend the new class

Syllabus and overview

Same as the old class

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This Moment

Moments like this moment

We live our lives for

Dreaming impossible dreams

Imagining only as fantasy

But here in such loving embrace

Reality surpasses fantasy

Life becomes beyond dreams

A most quiet stillness

Splendid warmth and love

Unimaginable fulfillment

All here and now

This moment

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Daringly Different

What oppression the world may throw

through expectations or pressure

What age defines that we may know

How truly a person to measure

Ignorance irrational produces fear

Morality conformity becomes

Constancy enviously now held dear

To difference we our noses thumb

But originality favored by the bold

Setting upon that troubled sea

Unpredictable by histories old

To happiness may possess the key

So always to heart’s nature be true

And always will unending love find you

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Simply Natural

Can’t explain the why

The answer is too short

It’s not what I do

It’s simply natural

It’s who I am

It’s just what I do

Nothing extraordinary

For in my eyes it’s expected

But what matters more

Is the smile that I cause

The laughter that I hear

It’s simply natural

It’s love

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