Long Awaited Comraderie

From a few small grains of sand

Toiled over mercilessly

Through pain and suffering

Long years awaiting

Deep beneath the changing sea

Whose temperance unpredictable

Moves in chaos

Until spheres of opal

Gleaming in the sun

Picked up and set

And were I to choose

From earrings or a string

I’d pick the string

That puts me

Next to you

Two pearls


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Suffering Truth

It is the most obvious secret

Too often overlooked

Verbal vitriol corrodes the soul

The flesh soon follows suit

When the simple act of waking

Rages against the shining daylight

For weighted chains of sorrow

Despairingly leash down

Then anger boils out the wounds

Vitriol now weaponized

Fueled not so much by righteousness

As by a deeper, darker hatred

To make loathing with fear quake

Only to herald true suffering

With the pieces of self-esteem

Burning into nothing

Victimizing with apathy for life

Once proud and strong now weak


Injustice unrighted by universal law

Karma nowhere to be found

Only the trainwreck of misfortune

Twisting the steel of the mind

Wrenching the wretched heart

Mangling the fibers of being

Igniting more anger and hatred

A vicious vitriolic cycle

Suppressed only by nontarnishable truth

Neither actions nor words define

Only their sum, preordained or coincidental

Immune from lies and violence

Unless hatred becomes permanent

Unless compassion can’t overcome

Unless humanity departs

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

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Dream State

He had a dream

Now the dream is ours

He had a vision

A vision we can see

He led a march

Today we keep on marching

He spoke of peace

Sorely needed in our world

He wanted freedom

From oppression, segregation

From hate, cruelty

From violence, death

We need that freedom

That equality and justice

Necessarily provide

No more war state

No more police state

No more political state

No more divided state

Come together now

In a dream state

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Invisible Embrace

Silent pain leaks down my face

Surrounded by congregated love

But utterly alone

Yet washed with warmth and comfort

As words and song pass my lips

For everlasting strength and support

All beyond comprehension

Embrace and soothe me

No more ruled by darkness

Now shines my light

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Outside In

Working 8 to 5

Then cooking dinner

Doing dishes

Homework after





2 years of shouted “Failure”

2 years of guilt and betrayal

2 years disappointment

2 years exhausted

No more

No more

No more

No more

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Beyond the Hallows

Your sneering contempt

and dry monotone

masked well deep devotion

that inspires bravery.

Remembered best

now somber farewells

to a cold, softhearted hero.

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Fear, Sadness, Anger,

Emotions most unpleasant,

Natural to have.

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