Presence, Peace

When walking alone

Deeply listen with quiet

Silence all worry

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Precious Pearls

From so much pain

Comes so much beauty

The small and meek

Made precious white

Mistakes and lessons

Hard learned and won

Give wisdom and new sight

From healing waters

Come spheres of love

Strung together with threads of life

And harder still sometimes it is

To make another to add

But through His strength and grace

Another added is

And beauty and love grow more

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Powerfully Sensitive

I tell a story, you are overwhelmed

Your tears start falling

Streaming to the ground

You see injustice

Never failing to stand up

You speak out loudly

With great might in your voice

If only the world

Had more people in it like you

Then maybe we’d see peace and love

Rather than a famine of compassion

Your heart is so strong

Your head is so strong

You are so sensitive

But with that there’s nothing wrong

You are greatly sensitive

You are greatly powerful

You are the change

The change I love

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Sacred Gold

Gold is what I call you
Gold is what you are
As you gleam and smile
Whether near or far
Your preciousness
I must confess
Not subtle to me
Is pride and joy and love
Gold is power
Gold is strength
Such happiness Gold brings
Though perhaps greed
Gold fills me with
Forgivable the need
To have as much as I can get
And never enough there is
Gold is love
Gold is sacred
Gold is your name
My world my life
My present and future joy
My beloved daughter
You are Gold to me

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The sparkling in your eyes,
The softness in your voice
The warmth of your touch
Such divine

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Autumn Comes

F  R  A  Y  L

A  E  N  E  E

L  D  D  L  A

L            L  V

I             O  E

N           W  S


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Week Weary

A step in front
A step behind
Twirling and twisting
Affects my mind
Once gone right
Once gone wrong
And so tired of this
Repetition long
One path tomorrow
One direction taking
And all joy and woe
Is truly of my making

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