I am afraid

Targets on my back

Down range they aim to score

Always at my expense

The bullseye is bigger than the standard

It’s a double measure stacked against me

My future is uncertain

But I’m quickly losing ground

I don’t know where I’ll end up

And the direction that I’m bound

I am afraid

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It’s not my intention

To create such intense contention

Setting ablaze with mere words

The kindling of a bad day’s curse

Thoughtless on occasion

Devoid of affective persuasion

My tongue long has betrayed me

My contrition seems inadequate

Still I offer what I’m able

Apologies on the table

But more than that

I’m hopeful for forgiveness

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A great many tables set for a score,

With iced beer and wine bottles galore,

A huge fucking bird

With enough meat for thirds

An uproarious evening fit for lore!

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Night Light

I’ve been through some storms of life

I’ll be through a lot more pain and strife

There will be times when I am all but broken

I do my best in spite of the rain

Trying to keep temper and action restrained

I’m often lost in the dark and there’s no finding my path alone

I don’t know what lies ahead

Uncertain futures fill me with dread

It’s all my power not to give up in despair

But I’ve got you brightening the room

A brilliant flash amidst the monsoon

You bring a light to the night of my troubles

I’ll admit I’m scared to face the storm

You give me courage to replace my scorn

You use laughter and love to fight away the terror

With you I’m better than my best

Thanks to you I will withstand the test

I won’t surrender to oppressive tyranny

I love you even more than you can know

My heart like gold for you warmly glows

I’ll need you more as I fight the uphill battles

Don’t forget to keep me near

Don’t guilt yourself for a single tear

With you I know together we’ll stand victorious

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Silly Simile Love

I love you like a million years gone by

Faster than the blink of an eye

I love you like a hurricane

Crazy passionate but a little tame

I love the image of your smile

Just to see it I’d drive for miles

I love the way I make you laugh

Shock and awesomeness that lasts

I love the time we spend together

I want you to be my forever

I love how you inspire me

To be the best at everything

I love the affection we share

With you I know about me someone deeply cares

I love our witless banter

Silly words that tease of grandeur

I love that I cannot describe

How you make me feel inside

I love you to the moon and back

Where ever you go me you’ll not lack

I love your sweet sweet kisses

Use your imagination for this rhyme

You are my darling dearest

I love with you being nearest

I have no more similes

But I hope this makes you smile

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I can still hear your first birth cry

I’d like seconds please

How tiny in my arms you lay

I’d like seconds please

You looked at me with bright blue eyes

I’d like seconds please

The first time that you laughed at me

I’d like seconds please

Your first steps and first words

I’d like seconds please

Your eventful first year of life

I’d like seconds please

Now how your platinum hair catches raes 

I’d like seconds please

Today you’re two and cuddly two

I’d like seconds please

You’re sweet and smart and kind and bright

I’d like seconds please

And thirds

And fourths

Seconds of all those too

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Perception, Not Reality

You think my life is easy

But you don’t even know

How far I’ve had to come

Nor how far I’ve yet to go

You take my stoicism

To mean I feel no pain

But if you ever felt this way

My friend you’d be lame

You say things well in meaning

But in context ignorant

Then upon upset reception

Accuse of malcontent

Just because the way it looks

Is all that you can see

Means you aren’t really looking

Aren’t empathizing with me

So keep your toxic comments

And self righteous indignation

I’ve no time for your ego

So practice flagellation

Your view is perception

That’s all you can see

Your perception is

Not reality.

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