Average Ordinary Everyday Poem

Let the record show
Despite the obvious
Satire implied
This is in fact
Not an ordinary rhyme
But mundane turns
Spectacular through new lens
The eye candy of simplicity
Juxtaposed with ironic
Predictable complexity
That often boredom births
Or perhaps vice versa

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It’s been a blast
So fun so fast
The time has flown
I hadn’t known
How far I’d reach
With unspoken speech
And baring my soul
But now the whole
Is a continuing work
Of artistic quirk
So now to more
A hundred times four
Till decade’s past
And at last
I reach my goal
The poet’s bowl
A thousand fantastic titles

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Five Years

Five years ago today, at this very moment, I published my first poem and launched The Lost Poet.  It is simply amazing how much life a year contains; five years worth of life seems simultaneously miniscule and unimaginably long.  I have been so blessed these past years; blessings I’ll not count simply for brevity’s sake.  I want to thank you, my followers, readers, fellow poets and writers for being such good company on this journey.  In celebration, pick your favorite poem and share it with #5yearsoflostpoetry!  Five years, three hundred poems, and still counting!

~The Lost Poet~

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Joyful excellence
Never needs immitation
For endearing reign

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News Update

Well it is official, the 300th poem has been posted!  Thanks to my followers, readers, commenters, and fellow bloggers for the support and encouragement as this milestone was reached!  Rest assured, many more are yet to come!  And if it isn’t clear by my punctuation, I am very excited about this!  Looking forward to celebrate 5 years of poetry in a few weeks!

~The Lost Poet~

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My Sonata of the Night

Softly, deeply

Sleeping so contently



Peacefully in dreamland

Hear the lullaby

As it sweetens the surprise

Of the comfort of your bed

In your own room

Sleep, in the light

Of night’s pale moon

Warmly cuddling

Feel my arms around you

Sleep now

Dream now

You are safe here with me

Never shall you fear

Of the monsters that you hear

For I’ll stay with you

Until they go away

Singing my Sonata for you


You have now grown strong

You surpass everything

That might have been expected

Of you before today

So let your heart guide you

And remember I am here

Loving you

With my Sonata

For you


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Dear Reader

Fickle though you seem

It’s fun to let you dream

That somehow this power

I arbitrarily say

With words that don’t cower

Might give your feels sway

And yes that’s a word

Please don’t quarrel

For no matter the energy you expend

I’ll still lose no sleep

Over your opinion in the end

So on with this cheek

Can’t have you thinking I’m meek

My pleasure to screw with your mind

And this power I do truly possess

With words I can get no rest

And sometimes the poems

Don’t seem to come out

The way I first thought they would

But thank you for playing my game

For reading my reads without shame

And yes it’s a satirical limmerick

No it’s not just some gimmick

Though I could be argued insane

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